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(My) rsync cheatsheet

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Sync folder using 5 parallel threads

ls -1 /testdata/testdb | xargs -I {} -P 5 -n 1 rsync -avh /testdata/testdb/{} root@

Sync content from folder A to folder B

If you want the contents of folders A and B to be the same, put /home/user/A/ (with the slash) as source. By doing so, all folder A’s content will end up into folder B.

Like this:

rsync --progress -avuzp --delete "/home/user/A/" "/home/user/B"


    -a Do the sync preserving all filesystem attributes
    -v run verbosely
    -u only copy files with a newer modification time (or size difference if the times are equal)
    --delete delete the files in target folder that do not exist in the source
rsync --progress -avuzhp /source/dir root@DESTINATION_HOST_IP_ADDRESS:/destination/dir